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JR pass covers JR narita express? 2008/3/5 16:37
Does anyone know that JR pass covers JR narita express or not?
If yes, i'm planning to buy JR pass and will use it to Kyoto n narita , then it's really worth it, right? Considering tokyo-kyoto-tokyo cost 13.220jpyX2 and narita-tokyo-narita cost 2.940jpyx2

by Pin  

NEX 2008/3/5 16:55

Yes, it is a JR train.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Narita Express 2008/3/5 17:11
Yes, I have used my JR Rail Pass many times on the Narita Express. As Dave said, it is a JR train.
by Kappa rate this post as useful

wow, that's great 2008/3/5 17:13
Thank you dave & kappa, JR pass is really a good value :)
by Pin rate this post as useful

Within 7 days 2008/3/5 19:07
This is good value assuming you are going to and from Narita + Kyoto within the 7 day validity of the pass.
by RobBeer rate this post as useful

not for Keisei line 2008/3/5 20:30
Hi, as far as I know this pass is not valid for the Keisei Airport Express, that is a private line. But the tickets are really reasonably prized (ca. 1900Yen) and it does not make too many stops.
Best, N
by Nami rate this post as useful

thank u for reminding 2008/3/6 10:56
o that's right, thank u for reminding me RobBeer, then i have to make a good timing to activate the JR pass, coz i'll be in japan 9 days. I can only choose one way to/from narita. Thanks a bunch :)
by Pin rate this post as useful

narita express - reservation 2009/3/3 21:33
is reservation required on narita express? for jr pass (ordinary)
by dsim rate this post as useful

Yes 2009/3/3 21:39
Yes the Narita Express is an all reserved train, so reservations are mandatory. You can make reservations at Narita Airport.
by ExpressTrain rate this post as useful

N'ex / Suica 2009/3/3 22:13
9 days with 7 day JR Rail Pass: Then consider Nex-Suica combination the arrival day, N'Ex part for the Narita Express to Tokyo area and Suica for travelling around Tokyo day 2 and day 3 to 9 by the 7 day JR Rail Pass.
( ! Not valid the other way round: Tokyo to Narita ! )
by Peter (guest) rate this post as useful

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