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Dir en grey question 2008/3/8 07:28
I`m really dying to know what the heck lady is asking Kyo? Since all the guys are laughing and Kyo seems really surprised?
Please, please help me!
Here is the link

I will be forever grateful ^_^
by Iris  

. 2008/3/8 17:37
I did not hear what the lady asked, but I think the answer was: Ima? Muri. (Now? Impossible.)
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Mimi 2008/3/8 17:46
Thnx ^_^
I know what he said, but I am dying to know what did she ask O_o
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. 2008/3/8 22:37
I think she said to Kyo,gI would like to listen to your song now.hin Japanese.
Maybe, she made a joke, but she was not able to get her joke across to him,,,
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