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Living in Nagoya - exciting? 2008/3/9 07:29
Hi, I am an American college student studying abroad, going to be in Nagoya for about 4 months, at Nagoya University.

I am going for sure, but I was wondering about what peoples' opinions were on this city. From reading a lot of travel guides, Nagoya seems to kinda get dismissed in terms of being a good place to visit, especially compared to the other large cities of Japan.

I was wondering if this was any different for someone who will be living there for a period of time. I know things definitely can be different for tourists who will be there for a few days vs. people who are actually staying there. I am particularly interested in nightlife and techno clubs, and improving my Japanese. Any varying opinions are much appreciated!
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of course! 2008/3/9 15:32
Hi!I'm live in Nagoya.Nagoya is good place.If you enjoy at midnight,you should go to Sakae.There are some clubs,so It hold a various event every weekend.

Have a good time in Nagoya!
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Clubbing in Nagoya 2008/3/9 23:30
Yo I know how you feel I was in the same boat about 3 years ago before I moved here. There are lots of nice clubs in Nagoya. For techno Nagoya has alot of detroit electro style djs, as well as deep house and dub, hip hop and J-reggae. If I were you I would check out the online schedules of these places:

Club Mago
Club JBs
Club Daughter

there are more but these are the most consistent in terms of good local and international DJs. Come summer time there are heaps of
forest and mountain parties. You chose a good city to visit feel free to email me if you want more info!
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Nagoya rules 2008/5/19 10:31
Nagoya is Japan's best kept secret. You'll love it, I'm sure.
Plus, Nagoya uni is pretty cool from what I've heard (I'm a student at a Nagoya uni too but not THE nagoya uni!)
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