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Help with Japanese bra sizes? 2008/3/10 13:17
Hello, I'm living in Tokyo at the moment and I need to buy a bra- but I've noticed the Japanese bra's seem to be sized differently, as inches maybe?
Would anybody be able to tell me what a 14 DD would be in a Japanese bra?
And please, no perverts. :)

(Yes, I am aware that the majority of bras in Japan are a lot smaller than the West, but I think I could probably find one in my size-whatever it is- somewhere!)
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... 2008/3/10 17:34
They way bras are sized in Japan goes something like: "70C," or "C70," anyway a combination of a double-digit number and an alphabet A through...F or so.

The number refers to the under-bust size in centimeters, and the alphabet denoting the cup depth. "A" would be 10 cm difference between top and under, "B" for 12.5cm difference, "C" for 15cm, "D" for 17.5 cm, "E" for 20cm, "F" for 22.5cm (in increments of 2.5cm = approx. 1 inch).

14DD Australian size would be something close to D80 to E80, I think.
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. 2008/3/11 09:35
There's a chart for bra sizes on this site:


The first two columns are the measurements for "underbust" and "top bust" in centimeters. Column 3 to 6 list the according sizes in Japan, France, America and Europe.

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Thanks! 2008/3/11 22:21
Thank you guys so much! I see now that I am an "E80". You have saved me many hours of looking through racks. :)
Now, I just have to find a store that stocks in my size...!
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