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Baseball in April 2008 2008/3/10 18:55
Tokyo 23-ku
as I will be in Tokyo for the first two weeks of April, I was wondering if there are any baseball matches on in Tokyo during this time?
by John  

Baseball in April 2008/3/10 23:24

Here is the schedule for the Japan Central league for March/April

and the Pacific league

In the Tokyo area, you can see home games of the Giants, Swallows, Bay Stars, Lions and Marines.

And in case anyone is interested, it appears Japan Ball has Red Sox tickets.


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Cost 2008/3/11 18:55
Thanks George.
From what I can see, a ticket is worth about $40US. Is this correct or are there cheaper tickets? If I just go to a Giants game or another in Tokyo would I be likely to be able get a ticket?
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. 2008/3/13 16:17
whats the most popular team?
are tickets easy to get or do you have to speak japanese or read it to be able to get ticket:S
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... 2008/3/14 09:31
Check out the links posted above. They have info on purchasing tickets.
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