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Where to buy a Kimono? 2008/3/12 03:48
I'll be getting to Japan in 5 days and will visit Tokyo, Kyoto and many other smaller towns and don't know where to buy a Kimono for me.
I'm 5'7 and a size 6 which I think is OK to get it without problems? Gracias!
by Claudia  

... 2008/3/12 10:59
Major department stores have Kimono section/floor. What kind of Kimono you're looking for and what's your budget? As you know, Kimono is a kind of jewellery which can be handed down from one generation to the next (and to the next)and generally very expensive.
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just wondering 2008/3/12 11:48
is kimono the male version or the yukata?? or are they both female?
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kimonos 2008/3/12 15:14
try googling to get photos.
Kimonos and Yukatas have a somewhat similar design, but their difference is like the difference between a casual summer woman dress and a very formal evening gown. Yukatas and Kimonos are worn by both men and women. A yukata is light and relatively thin. Kimonos for men are made of heavier fabric than Yukatas, and are plain, the beauty and price coming from the fabric (made in a factory or hand woven). The simpler women kimonos are not too different from yukata and are more colourful than men's. Dressier kimonos are made in more expensive fabrics. Wedding and ceremonial kimonos are especially beautiful but, with all the accessories, can cost as much as a car.
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... 2008/3/12 15:38
Perhaps a simpler explanation:

Kimono are dressy, like a suit, and usually made of silk. They are expensive, but can be worn year round.

Yukata are made of cotton (and these days synthetics) and are usually worn in the summer months, at Matsuri for example. They are considerably cheaper, and are not really considered dressy.

Both men and women wear both. which vary in style between men and women. Women's are usually more colorful while men's are in darker, earthier colors.
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To Jlady 2008/3/12 17:23
I don't know abou how much money I want to spend or an specific type because I've never bought a Kimono before. Would you advice a place to buy a nice one? and also recommend what to look for? Thanks again
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i see 2008/3/12 17:59
so there is no yukata made with silk?
i have always wanted to get one, though i dont want one that is thick as my skin cant tolerate it, any suggestion where I could get a thin silk traditional japanese outfil online?
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silk yukata 2008/3/12 22:08
I haven't ever seen a silk yukata except ones that were made in a factory and sold on ebay with the kimono/yukata design... in other words, they're fake.
If you want a silk "yukata" that would be the kimono. Some kimonos, however, can be casual. I suggest you browse this site to get an idea. However, the prices are much cheaper than usual since these are second-used kimonos/yukatas.

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