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Help writing letter to host family? 2008/3/12 14:28
I need to write a letter to my Host family in japan, but I have no idea how to write it. Do I start it off and end it? What should i put in it?
by Brooke  

take it easy 2008/3/12 17:24
Brooke, take it easy. You're practically their daughter or son! Didn't you write any letters to your real family during your stay in Japan? Do the same. If you have any specific questions, post again and someone might be able to help you.
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Great book 2008/3/12 17:58
You could buy a great book "Writing letters in Japanese" by inter-university center for Japanese language studies. Written by Kikuko Tatematsu et co. The book reference is ISBN4-7890-0664-6.

The book has been very helpful at least for me.
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how is this? 2008/7/12 05:30
Dear Host family,
Hello, my name is Ariel Butler, I am 15 years old, and I live in the city of XXXX, XXXX. In XXXXX there are some cultural opportunities because we have many festivals but other than that we do not know the true history of different cultures. I want to study abroad because itfs the best way to learn another language. Also I will mature from the experience. I already know that being an exchange student will be challenging, but I am ready for this wonderful journey.
My friends and family would probably describe me as funny and bubbly. I am almost always full of energy. My brother and sisters would describe me as the "one who always wants to try new things". I love a good challenge and that is why I chose to be an exchange student. My friends at my school would also describe me as creative because I always find a way to make someone laugh. My school life at XXXX High is like a giant melting pot. Mostly everyone gets along and students come from all over the city to go to my school. Since I go to an all girls school we all sort of have a sister bond with each other. I even have some bonds with the teachers! In my family I am the last born so I love to entertain and talk to others. I make friends very easily and immediately make others feel welcome. I am different from my sister because she is more of a calm person and wants a smooth life. I want a life with ups and downs to put my brain to work. I am different from my brother because he is a perfectionist and does not like to make mistakes but I feel as if mistakes make you stronger in the long run. My role in the family is to get every one together and to have fun. Sometimes I seek help from my parents. I ask questions usually when I am unsure about something or a situation.
The role I have in my school is being the ambassador of Western High. At my local hospital I help disabled people. I help them to gain muscle strength in their legs to walk again because the people I work with are in wheelchairs. I love helping people in need.
If a family could choose a student, they should choose me because I am fun to be around and I can make a new friend in a second. I can easily get along with any member of your family. I am very unique because I am open to new things to try. I am very polite, I respect all of my elders, I am kind, and pleasant. I love animals, so if you have a pet we would bond well. You will not find anyone else like me. At my house I easily follow directions and I do as I am told. Many adults praise me for my open-mindedness and intelligence.
I actually do not have difficulties or frustrations that I overcome every day but I have had an obstacle that I had to overcome. That obstacle was getting through the 9th grade. My 9th grade year was so difficult because it was a completely new school. I had to make new friends and new goals. Mostly all of my teachers were very strict and I was walking on eggshells the whole year. In the end I realized that all I had to do was to just communicate. When my 9th grade year was over, I noticed all the friends I made and the fact that I am in the top 50 of my class; I was proud of myself.
In my free time I like to read or write stories. Books inspire me. They open many doors and they show that the sky is the limit. I like to dance and sing. I am a pretty good singer and I love all different types of music like hip-hop, rock, rap, pop, classical and more! Some of my favorite artists are Kanye West, Justin Nozuka, Michael Jackson, and Soulja Boy. I cannot live with out music. I play the piano and the violin but I would really like to play bass guitar or acoustic guitar. I am a pretty big sports fan but the only sport I have been involved completely in is figure skating. Figure skating is a lovely international sport but it can be very hard to do. I also play tennis with my best friend but it is only for fun. I love to be active. Running around and just being energetic is one of the things like to do. Over the years I notice that that I am starting to get interested into photography and fashion. I think its fun to try on new things and take pictures of myself. We have photography club and a fashion club in my school. In school I am taking a Russian class and I love the fact that I am learning a language and a difficult one at that. School takes up the majority of my day and I sort of love it. I look at school as a social network. Sometimes you can even meet your sole mate in school or your next best friend. It would be great if I were to make friends at my new school in your country. My best friend and me sometimes like to spend the weekend together playing video games. Even though I am a teenage girl I still like to play video games. I am not much of a television person. It takes up too much time in the day. I think that browsing the Internet is more fun because you can learn different things, chat with friends and more. I am pretty versatile in my interests.
When I get older I would like to be an architect. I am an excellent math student. I am going to take Algebra 2 and Geometry Honors in the same year. I will be take four advanced classes in my 10-grade year because like I said before, I love a good challenge. In your country I can observe the different buildings and admire the beautiful architectural works. I also want to be fluent in a lot of languages including your language. In conclusion, I want you to pick me, and I look forward to becoming a part of your family. Thank you, bye!

Best wishes,

P.S Thank you for choosing me!
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Overdone 2008/7/12 06:06
I would not write such a detailed and long letter like the one posted to my host family. Just a short note would do well. You would not want to have them spend weeks trying to understand your letter. Write in simple English as you would a friend.
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but? 2008/7/12 06:14
But the program im with told me to write two pages. And they told me not to worry about the language because someone translate it
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OP 2008/7/12 06:33
I was writing to the original poster, not you.
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my bad 2008/7/12 06:36
oh im sorry
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Hi 2009/5/24 08:06
Hi Ana where did you go to ?
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Traditionally 2009/5/24 18:26
Traditionally, a letter should never begin with oneself but with an enquiry into the health and general well-being of the recepient. Then there followed a remark about the weather. Only after thesee overtures, was it considereded proper to broach the real subject of the letter. The letter should end with a positive note, perhaps about somethihng good in the future.
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