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Is there any indian school in yokohama 2008/3/13 00:10
how can i get information regarding it.
by sunil soni  

... 2008/3/13 12:00
I suggest you to ask GIIS Tokyo for details. In googling, GIIS plans to open its 2nd Indian school in Kirigaoka, Midori-ku, Yokohama-city in spring 2008.

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GIIS Scoop 2008/3/24 01:11
This URL:
is parents forum for GIIS school in singapore, but it has relevance to worldwide GIIS.
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Is Japan and Singapore same 2008/4/16 16:34
can anyone compare Japan GIIS with Singapore ?
Example problems like this:
in my view is serious.
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All GIIS schools going for fee hike ? 2008/4/17 23:19
About fee hikes: both Singapore and Malaysia GIIS are going for steep fee hike according to these announcements:



It may be central policy by Global Indian Foundation (GIF). So it may happen everywhere.

For Japan ask Niyanta Deshpande niyanta@giisjapan.org

Quality remains same or worse, that is the main problem.
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