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Onigiri Packaging 2008/3/14 04:10
When I lived in Japan, I could go to Nagaya and buy plastic bags for onigiri that were just like the ones you buy in conbinis with the 3-step openning process where you peel the middle strip and then take off the corners. They were like 250 Yen for 15 or 20 of them. I used to love to make my own onigiri and package them just like at 7&I-holdings:). Now that I am back in the USA, I want to continue the tradition. Has anyone heard or seen these available in the US or online anywhere?
by Paul  

Perhaps... 2008/3/14 15:22
Something like these? http://jbox.com/PRODUCT/ASA250
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Maybe 2008/3/14 21:51
I can't tell from the picture if that wrapper is keeping the nori separate from the rice. If so, then that's exactly what I need! Anyone seen a link to one that wasn't covered in cartoon bears?:)
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Clear Onigiri Films 2008/3/16 07:27
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That's closer! 2008/3/16 23:16
This is the exact product I am looking for, but the ordering doesn't work from America. Anyone know of an English site that will ship to the USA?

Thanks so much for your helpfulness!
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couldn't find any 2008/3/17 20:14
sorry but I couldn't find any that ships to US. Can you ask someone who lives in Japan to buy & ship it to you?
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Thanks for looking! 2008/3/18 03:57
Yes, I have a friend bringning me some when she comes to visit next month. I was hoping not to have to depend on someone to ship them to me. Onegaishimasu for the looking and helping you did!!
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... 2009/8/19 13:30
I'm looking for the same thing. I will be visiting japan (tokyo and kyoto) in about a week's time. Are these onigiri packaging readily available? Where would I be able to find them? Thanks!
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