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How big is pro wrestling in japan? 2008/3/15 00:57
I am going to attend a pro wrestling school soon, and after that and a little local stuff, i was really hoping on getting a contract with AJPW. (All Japan Pro Wrestling) So i was wondering how big is pro wrestling in japan? Is it like WWE or TNA in the states?
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wrestling 2008/3/16 09:18
It's decent, but it's dieing off. MMA is much more popular than wrestling in Japan.

Your average wrestling show gets about 1000 fans, with some of the bigger shows from NOAH and New Japan getting 10,000-20,000 fans, but those shows only happen a few times a year.

You can get paid much better in WWE/TNA, but WWE's work schedule is considered EXTREMELY grueling (if you plan on not being able to remember half of your life while you waste it in airports and rental car buildings, be my guest).

Wrestlers who wrestle for AJPW, NJPW, NOAH, Dragon Gate, and even DDT can make a living doing it and don't need a second job. NOAH pays the most, but that may stop soon since their attendance has been shrinking a bit.

Good luck getting into AJPW. It's one thing to impress them enough to get a spot in their class (95% of students don't graduate wrestling dojos in Japan. They're a LOT harder than in America/England/Mexico). It's another thing to have to jump through hoops and convince the Japanese government to give you a visa to come over for it.

Good Luck,
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Better 2008/3/16 13:25
ask how small it is in Japan :)
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K1 2008/3/16 14:24
I think K1 is a lot bigger in Japan. A TV broadcasting of a match can compete with the most popular programs. In general, the Japanese do like one-to-one fighting sports. It's just that the type of sport changes from time to time.
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