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Birthday night out 2008/3/16 00:33
I need your help. I am new in Tokyo and in two weeks it will be my birthday. I am looking for some clubs/bars/disco where they have some kind of birthday discounts or a special program for me couple of my friends.
I am turning 25 and would like to celebrate it in a good way:) If anybody knows places in Shibuya/Roppongi area with a nice environment and dance music (pop) please let me know! I am getting desperate here......
by Nora  

Birthday night out 2008/3/17 16:18
Nora, hmmm, difficult if you're really expecting a discount, locally run places i doubt you'll find. As for someone offering a discount for a group in the pong i also suggest that may be hard. I'd consider going to Muse in Roppingi if i were you ... it's the best of a bad bunch out that way!
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thnks 2008/3/23 19:08
Thank you for your answer Neil. In Europe the thing with the birthday discounts is very popular, I thought that I could find something like this here as well.
about the place, do you mean this one: http://www.thursdayclub.com/reviews/r_main.asp?vnu_id=1489 ???

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Hard Rock Cafe 2008/3/24 00:12
Not sure if they have a discount, but they lite a candle and the entire crew sing 'Happy bday'..its kind of good..they even record it and give u the video copy...

They might even charge more for the Bday special. ;-)
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hmmm 2008/3/26 16:53
Sorry not sure about birthday clubs, but if you go out mention it to the bartenders and what not, if you are lucky they might make a big deal.

Arabian rock, a resteraunt in shinjuku, is great! Amazing theming, and if you tell them its your birthday, like a lot of places they will bring a cake and sing it happy birthday.. Wherever you go tell people.

As for clubs, try Womb in Shibuya, or get the bus from Shibuya to Ageha (biggest). They are the biggest most spectacular clubs in japan id say.
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