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rice cooker recipes 2008/3/18 20:34
Does anyone know any good recipes for a rice cooker. I hear that they're becoming popular and it's kinda like a crock-pot. I recently bought myself a Tiger rice cooker and I want to do more than just rice.
Would any crock-pot recipes work?
by Miyuki  

nothing? 2008/3/21 19:20
no one knows? I thought these recipes were picking up.
by Miyuki rate this post as useful

rice cooker 2008/3/21 19:30
I am Caucasian, live in North America and have been using rice cookers for over 25 years. I use it to cook other grains than rice, to cook meat and vegetables with rice or other grains etc. recipe? what recipe? just trial and error.
by Auntie Bert rate this post as useful

. 2008/3/21 19:56
do you just throw things in and see what it tastes like?
by Miyuki rate this post as useful

. 2008/3/22 00:34
I do rather simple things, like adding peas to the rice, or chopped garlic. I'm not sure if crock pot recipes would work. Probably would depend on what kind of rice cooker you have. I doubt it would work in mine, but i have a crock pot, so i'm not about to try.
by Nika rate this post as useful

hmm 2008/3/22 00:59
i dunno if this will help but I have a Tiger Rice cooker with a timer function, meaning i can set it for when I want my rice to be finished. Just like coffee. It's not like a $10 rice cooker from wal-greens.
by Miyuki rate this post as useful

. 2008/3/22 05:38
I think for a crockpot type recipes, you'd have to be able to adjust the cooking time for 5+ hours. I'm not sure if rice cookers (of any kind) are designed to stay on at high temps for that long... I think adding things to simply enhance the rice cooking in it is safe, as its doing what is intended, cocking rice. but cooking meats and oyher things may need to be expeiremented with.
by Nika rate this post as useful

rice cooker recipes 2008/3/23 03:12
by mano79 rate this post as useful

i agree, trial and error 2008/3/23 11:22
wow, i'm gonna have to try the recipes on that website!

i grew up with a rice cooker, and i've experimented a lot with throwing things in. especially during high school, when i was poor and/or lazy :) using broth instead of water is good but takes time to guess the amount of broth and if it has enough flavor. i have used goya sazon seasoning packets and even taco seasoning before (i know it's weird but i was inspired by the lipton sides taco rice pack). chinese sausage and salted duck egg work perfectly in a rice cooker, but make sure you throw them in before the cooking starts because throwing the egg in after the water's heated up will likely make it crack open. salted fish comes out good, but put it in a little ways into cooking in a small dish or it will make the rice really salty. spam cut up works, and beef is a perfect choice. usually i marinate it or sautee it with peas and a little corn starch for gravy, and just toss it in either near the end or after the button pops (most people i know let the rice sit for a few minutes after it pops for a little bit, i guess to settle?). if it's not ground meat, you can toss it in half-cooked and let it finish up in the cooker. i'm gonna stop with the suggestions now cuz this post is probably way long now haha. but you get the idea!
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