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Shopping in Harajuku 2008/3/20 18:32
Tokyo 23-ku
I am going to Japan in October for 6 weeks...I am soooo excited!! I came across this site that had heaps of really cool looking gothic lolita clothing shops, the address is Laforet HARAJUKU Underground Floor

1-11-6 jingumae, shibuya-ku, Tokyo

I have been to Tokyo once before briefly, and I know that what you see on the surface as you walk down the street is only a tiny part of the shopping, and as I can't speak Japanese and know this says 'underground' I am hoping that someone can give me some clear and simple instructions to finding this place... I think it is a department store in Harajuku?

I will be very, very grateful for your wisdom!!


by Aleph  

Laforet 2008/3/21 11:33

Laforet is a big fashion store/mall in Harajuku covering three or four floors. You can't miss it. Presumably the particular shops you want are on the basement floor(s).
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deeper Harajuku 2008/3/21 13:43
As mentioned, you can't miss Laforet Harajuku.

But if you want to explore a deeper Harajuku, you can get off at Takeshita-dori Exit of Harajuku Station and go down the narrow but over-crowded street called Takeshita-dori.

Also, once you reach Laforet, you can then cross the bus road diagonally and ask for "Ura-Harajuku" (meaning "back side of Harajuku") area and walk towards Shibuya, except that Ura-Harajuku is leaned towards second-hand clothes rather than Goth Lolita.
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Thanks heaps!! 2008/3/21 16:04
Thanks for your advice Dave and Uco...sounds great!
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You should be excited! 2008/6/19 21:46
You will have such a blast! If you are into Gothic Lolita or Harajuku Punk styles, I suggest:


It is a little out of date but I used a lot of it when I did my first Japan trip and it held me in good steed. Also, go to Marui Young Shinjuku (OIOI). There are quite a few OIOI stores, but when you find the right one, the good stuff is on the upper levels.

Also, I have just started a ne blog which has some liks to English sites on Visual Kei/GothLoli?Harajuku Puk gear. I'm back ovr in a week and will hopefully be ablto put some good advice on it. For now, the links may be useful to you:


I'm not a local but an enthusiast, so I will do my best not to give bad advice.
In the mean time get yourslf some KERA and Gothic Lolita Bible magazines, and sweet dreams.

P.s. You are quit right, the Laforet stores you are after are below ground. It will take you 5- 10 mins from the station (JR Harajuku).I believe the first link has the specific directions.

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Sorry! 2008/6/20 15:35
I keep having typos as I have a new computer.I have to hit the keys harder than I am used to!

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shopping 2008/6/20 16:17
Aleph: ever heard of Google? just google laforet harajuku and you will get their Internet site(click on English) try also the site below as it has a map of the area-showing Laforet-and with numerous photos.
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Laforet Harajyuku 2008/6/20 17:26
Laforet Harajuku is one of teenagerfs hallowed sites in Tokyo!
Laforet Harajyuku
1-11-6, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001


You can also see their shops in English.

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