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Enquiry on craft (fortune cat) 2008/3/21 01:57
I had recently saw a craft show, showing a shop selling japanese fortune cat and also taught step by step how to sew. Can anyone tell me where is the shop location, phone number and website ? Thank you. Can also reply to my email at shirley_lim_sg@yahoo.com
by Lim  

... 2008/3/21 09:46
we're gonna need way more information if we are to help you. For starters, what is the show you are speaking of and where did you watch it?
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Enquiry on craft(fortune cat) 2008/3/21 18:52
Is a japanese channel, is it the NHK(I think)? is on last wednesday around 9.30am.(s'pore time) I watch this while doing my exercise at the gym. Thanks.

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. 2008/3/22 14:32
Lim, the best thing to do is to ask the TV station. I don't know how it is in your country, but you can usually find their number in your local TV guide. Quite often, the TV station's official website shows contact numbers for shops they introduced on their programs.
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Cat 2008/3/22 15:31
if Lim only want a maneki neko (Lim, this is the good fortune cat)they are found in so many souvenir shops!
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Enquiry on craft(fortune cat) 2008/3/22 17:25
Actually, I had wanted to learn how to "SEW"the fortune cat. Is something new to me as compare to teddy bear. As unable to find any craft store in Singapore that know. If I am able to find the craft store in Japan, was thinking to ask them to ship it to me. It's ok if not able to find the information. Anyway, really appreciate to all that had reply to my enquiry.Thank you so much.
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