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Can I be a jpop singer? 2008/3/21 12:37
Hi! My name is Akira. Why, I live in Bangladesh, situated in South Asia. I am a Bangladeshi bu I love japanese! It's just amazing. I am interested in Japan for it's manga and then j-pop songs. And even I sing it with help of internet. I am a great fan of Utada Hikaru and Dream, and now I want to be a japanese pop singer. BUt I've heard that they don't allow any one from other country, and I've fully different face, I mean I'm not mongoloyed. So, give me some advice how can switch into it!
by Akira Roy  

Don't Give Up! 2008/4/15 10:05
You can sing J-pop if you want too. I don't think they really care if you are not mongoloyed as long as you have got talented. They are a lot of non-Japanese that sing in j-pop, BoA she is Korean, Crystal is Korean & Black, but she was raise in Japan. Jero is African American, his grandma is Japanese and he is in the Enka genre and I heard and read that he is really big in Japan. Japanese people are nice so as long as you got talented they will love you. Make sure to learn the Japanese language so you can talk to your fans and learn about the Japan culture so you won't be surprise when you get there since you already know everything about Japan. You can try trying out for the contest I read of a lot of singers whom got sign to record labels that way. You can also send demos to Japanese producers or just go there and try your luck. Just don't give up and if you really want this I believe you can do this. I can't forget the Coconut Musume they are from Hawaii they had one white girl, one Japanese girl, one Filipino girl, one Chinese girl, one Japanese & White Australian girl, and one girl was like Chinese, Norwegian, Hawaiian, Filipino, Irish, and Spanish. So I'm trying to say is I really don't think Japanese people care what race you are as long as you are good at what you do. So just keep trying really hard. I Believe You Can Do It!
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