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Cheap Transport in Naha City, Okinawa? 2008/3/24 03:00
I am a college student majoring in Horticulture going to intern at Southeast Botanical Gardens in Naha City, Okinawa. The Garden is arranging my lodging, but they warn it could be out of walking distance. What (cheap) options would I have for reliable transportation to and from work? What public transporation runs close to the Garden? I need to arrange something cheap, since I do not know if I will have any income other than the apartment from the Garden and so will be paying for food and other neccessities with my own money, and I haven't got much of that.
by Staci Revers  

Okinawa City 2008/3/25 12:09
SE Botanical Gardens are actually in Okinawa City about 17 or so miles north of Naha, about a mile north of Kadena Air Base. I would suggest looking for a place to stay in either Okinawa City or Uruma. I'm not sure about the bus routes in the area, however, as an alternative, a bicycle or a small scooter might be the way to go. I'll see if I can find bus routes later. It's getting late here.
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Cars... 2008/3/25 22:20
The only public transport on Okinawa are buses. While the network of buses is fairly extensive, they are slow and rarely on time (due to traffic.) You could find yourself taking an hour to get to someplace barely out of walking range by bus (I did this for 2 months). If you are going to be staying any length of time you need an international driver's license and a car! Scooters and bikes are popular here, but personally I would not do that as it rains a lot and the roads get slippery, that and the traffic is really congested, plus narrow roads. Kei car is the way to go...
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Thank you for the info 2008/3/26 02:54
Thank you very much for your replies. I didn't realize the cities were separate, or that the buses were so unreliable; are bicycles or small scooters available for rent on Okinawa? I'm pretty sure I would not have enough money for a car for my entire stay (two months). Also, is taxi fare expensive?
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More info 2008/3/26 03:24
Here is a website that explains taxi fares, bus fares, etc. on Okinawa. The article also says that you can buy a "folding" bike for around $100.


Another possibility is to rideshare with a local who also works at the Botanical Gardens.

BTW, here is their website:


Here is a map with the location marked:


I haven't been able to find anything on scooter rentals.
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Car Rental 2008/3/28 14:16
You might want to consider renting a small kei car for the brief time you're here. There are so many rental companies that charge as little as $25/day, possibly less for a monthly rate. A co-worker would need to assist you in this. The downside would be that parking is a very big problem here, and its unlikely your temp acommodations will have a carpark.

Odds are a bus or two will get you where you're going, it just may not be easy or convienent, but ultimaltely you're only here a short time.
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Cars 2008/3/28 21:52
I will not have enough money to rent a car. Also, I do not have an international driver's license, and have never driven in a lefthand road country. Cars are beyond my means, so I am looking at other options.
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... 2008/4/3 15:07
Unfortunately your other options are few.

You may just have to wait till you arrive then ask a co-worker to help with the bus system.

Otherwise perhaps someone will offer you a lift to work or the use of a bicycle for the duration.

Or you may find your apartment will be in walking distance after all :)
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