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What tax form to file for Japanese wife? 2008/3/24 09:18
Hi all,
I'm hoping there is someone here with experience in this area that can give me a clue.
I got married to my Japanese wife last October and now it's time to file taxes in the States (we're both living in the States now). My wife just started working in the US this week (Green Card is pending but she has permission to work), so she didn't make any money in the US in this past tax year.
I suppose I will have to file joint taxes (1040EZ is what I've done before), but what will we have to file this year? If she didn't make any money and tells the government this, then will they give her money (we don't want to cheat the gov't).
Also, how do we handle social security numbers, etc.? She doesn't even have an alien number - I'm sorry but I don't remember what this is technically called.
Can anyone please give me a clue? Thanks a bunch!
-Groggy Doggy
by Groggy Doggy  

SS#? 2008/4/7 19:15
Doesn't she need a SS# in order to work? I filed joint taxes while I was in the USA married to a Japanese wife. A SS# is easily obtained for legal aliens in USA.

My first year in Japan, I filed joint taxes, but with the state, I filed partial residence status in California.
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