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Secondhand SLR camera shops? 2008/3/26 08:15
Hello guys,

Sorry for my bad english. I visited Japan before.
I am going to Tokyo at this April again.

I want to buy secondhand or the cheapest Nikon D200 SLR camera when I visit to Tokyo.
Please teach me any location or exact name of shops in Tokyo, especially around in Akihabara?

I really appreciate it if you could help me.

Thank you,
by Ebo  

Secondhand cameras 2008/3/26 17:15
I noticed a lot of second hand camera shops around Shinjuku. Apart from this excellent forum, I would suggest you to search or ask this also in the forums of http://photo.net/community/
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EOS 40D or Nikon D200 2008/3/27 12:53
Thank you for your answer.
I am looking for the cheapest or second hand Canon EOS 40D or Nikon D200 SLR camera in Tokyo.

Can I buy it approx. 70'000-90'000 yen (with/wihtout lenses)?
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Used Camera 2008/3/28 12:35
I think camera equipment are generally more expensive in Japan than in the US. A gently used Nikon D200 can be bought for less than US$900 here in the US.

I suggest you look at Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera stores. The Bic Camera store in Shibuya had a decent collection of used glass (lens) and a few used cameras too. However, they were more expensive than in the US and hence I did not get any.

Good luck.
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price 2008/3/29 08:24
I don't think it matters if the prices are cheaper is the US, as Ebo is clearly not from the US.
In any case, compared to most other places, such as Europe, and Australia/NZ, the prices of cameras in Japan are a lot cheaper.

New prices in Kakau.com
Nikon D200 with 18-70mm lens cheapest at Akihabara is 131,700 yen
Nikon D300 with 18-70mm lens cheapest at Akihabara is 180,000 yen
Nikon D200 body only cheapest at Akihabara is 105,525 yen

Canon 40D with 17-85mm IS 132,000 yen.

Canon 40D with 18-55mm IS 113,000 yen.

I've also seen a deal at the new BicCamera for a Canon 30D with 17-85mm IS lens 69,800 yen
Only available April 1st.
(there was also a deal for Canon 30D with 28-200mm Tamron lens 49,800 yen, but that was on Thursday 26th)
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Here are a couple 2008/3/29 21:23
Check out softmap or Hardoff. Softmap sells both used and new goods. Hardoff sells mostly used stuff.
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the best place 2008/4/4 21:27
Fujiya cameras - awesome - picked up a canon kiss in perfect condition for AUS@$420
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new 2008/4/6 22:11
You can buy a NEW Canon Kiss X for 47,800yen (about $511 AUD)
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Thanks all 2008/4/9 16:03
Thank you guys for your kind support.

To Sandy,
Where can I buy EOS Kiss X ? That's cheap. Has it any lense or not?
I will be in Tokyo very soon.

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Fujiya in Nakano 2008/4/9 20:56
A good option is to visit Fujiya Camera in Nakano. This is one stop from Shinjuku station on the JR Chuo Main express line. Take the North Exit at Nakano station and you should see a taxi rank in front of you. Turn right and head to the bank, turn left and you can see an alley in front of you. (basically diagonally across the road, under the Nova sign) Go down the alleyway and turn right at the next intersection, Fujiya camera is on your left (Large yellow sign). Nikon secondhand is on the second floor (Canon is on the first). Currently they have 3 D200 in stock, 75,600Yen or 75,600Yen or 68,250Yen. Stock changes daily though.

Good luck!
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cheaper 2008/4/9 23:06
You can buy a NEW Canon Kiss X for 46,800yen, or with lens, 55,800.
see here:
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cheap camera places in Nagoya? 2008/4/18 16:49
Hi are there similar places in Nagoya, apart from BIC that is? I am looking for a bargain on dSLR such as Nikon D60 or D300 or else a nice 2nd hand one at very good price?

Thanks Dg
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Most 2008/4/19 22:16
Most of the cheapest places are located in Tokyo or Osaka. I can't recall seeing a cheap place in Nagoya on kakaku.com
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Nagoya 2008/4/22 11:05
Hi David,

I have not been to Nagoya but I think there are two places you can try for secondhand/cheaper cameras and lenses.

Top Camera
Nishiki 3-25-12
"Large store stocking new and used camera equipment. Accepts trade-ins for new equipment.
Near Sakae Station (Higashiyama subway line), Exit 6. Branch store in Osu 3-30-86 (Daiichi Ameyoko Bldg.)."

Asahido Camera
Sakae 3-28-36
New and used camera equipment.
Near Yabacho subway station, Exit 5. Walk on the right for 100 meters, and see the yellow building.

Top Camera has a secondhand D300 in stock at the moment, which I think is 161700Yen. They also have a D60 for 47250.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks all 2008/4/23 00:13
Thank you very much all your kind support and help. I really appreciate it.

Finally, I bought Nikon D200 from Fujiya camera shop at Nakano. Price is 75000Yen. Really awesome.

Thanks again all. Thanks japan-guide.
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fujiya 2010/6/21 18:45
Thanks Angus - excellent directions and great shop. The guys behind the counter could not have been more helpful. Picked up a Nikon for a very good price. Highly recommend this shop.
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