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Is this Japanese Vase? 2008/3/26 10:47
I have this vase and I'm not sure what is inscripted on the bottom. Perhaps someone can help me?

Thank you!
by Golden Inga  

... 2008/3/26 11:18

Maybe you could post some photos on a site like above and post a link here? :)
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Here's a link to the photos 2008/3/26 11:29
Thank you!

Here is the link for the photos of the vase in question.

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As far as I can see... 2008/3/26 13:13
Its decorative style (particularly the dragon-like handles at the top) looks more like Chinese, but what is depicted looks like a warrior dressed in Japanese style... so it can well be a piece made by a Japanese craftsman. The inscription at the bottom looks like 左一, "Saichi," a male first name.
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Vase 2008/3/26 13:18
I am an antiques dealer who lived in Japan for several years. I am not 100% certain but it looks like a fine example of Satsuma. I would be interested in what the Kanji reads. If it is satsuma it would then be Japanese. In any event This looks like a very nice vase, some history on it would be interesting, moreover, the age of this peice would be of intrest.
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follow up 2008/3/26 14:05
does it feel rough and bumpy to the touch? As if the figures are dripped on in the glaze? As AK wondered do the figures on the handles look like dragons or are they more like elephants, cows or some fancyful beast?
Still thinking Satsuma.
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vase 2008/3/26 18:38
It is rough or raised, almost like it was added on last.

The handles do look more like a dragon/serpent.
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Vase 2008/3/26 20:57
Yes it is bumpy, not smooth. And the handles do look like a dragon/serpent type.

I have seen other items similar and they are calling it: Japanese Satsuma Baluster Porcelain Vase, Earthenware with fluted top.

Does anyone know if this is worth more than $25.00?

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Vase 2008/3/26 22:18
Gail Your Satsuma vase is definately worth more than $ 25. Check the prices on the net e bay ect. Depending on the age, some similar peices can go for hundreds. There is one I saw last night asking over a thousand. The motief on the handles does look more like Chinese but everything else seems to fit. If I had this in my shop I would have perhaps $ 350 on it. Dont hold me to this. any chips or cracks effect price. Yoy could offer it on E bay and let the marketplace tell you what its worth. I am still interested in the marks, through this I may be possible to determin the maker and thus age. Don't give it away.
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mon? 2008/3/26 23:43
Most Satsuma vases that we've seen have the Satsuma mon somewhere in the design. I don't see any in the scans. I'm no expert, but is that an issue?
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Mon 2008/3/27 00:38
The mon or crest in this case could we say makers mark may or may not be on a peice. AK has translated this as Saichi. Later peices
20th century often have marks but curiously earlier peices may have no mark at all. Porcelain can be very hard to date as it retains its composition without decay. It would be wonderful if we could find out any information on Saichi. i would not be surpprised if it was 19th century. It would be lovely if it was earlier. The rim wear on the bottom does not tell much of a tale, at least to me.
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