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Chinese Grocery in Tokyo 2008/3/26 12:18
Tokyo 23-ku
Anyone can tell me where I can find a well-stocked Chinese grocery shop in Tokyo city? In particular I need Chinese cooking/seasoning ingredients and vegetables.
by Angela  

. 2008/3/26 12:51
Depending on where in Tokyo you are, traveling 30 minutes - 1 hour south to Yokohama's Chinatown (largest Chinatown in Japan) might help you find the items you need.


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I live in Ginza 2008/3/26 23:28
I was trying to avoid going all the way down to Yokohama if possible....it's bit far to travel on a day-to-day basis...
do you know of any closer place?
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Re: Chinese Grocery in Tokyo 2011/12/5 16:09
there are 2 great stores in nishi ikebukuro. the easiest way to find them is to exit to the east side, then find the WE pedestrian underpass to the west side. take the left upramp. when you get to the top you'll see a candy store on the corner across the street. it's in the adjacent building to the right on the 4th floor. the other one is right across the street but much smaller.
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Re: Chinese Grocery in Tokyo 2011/12/5 22:57
All the Chinese people I know go to Ameyokocho in Ueno. Do a Google search on "Ameyoko Center Market" - it's a basement market with several different vendors selling an impressive variety of Chinese and other Asian ingredients.
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