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how to buy concert tickets 2008/3/27 23:34
hi everyone

i absolutelylove japanese rock bands and singers and stuff, however now that i am in japan/tokyo for about half a year...i have no idea how or were to bu a ticket.,..can somebody please help me? ( and if someone is interested in visiting a concert with me please let me know because i have no one to go with ;_;)
by ninmi  

Tickets 2008/3/28 12:07
You can get them at convenience stores, I know 7/11 and Lawsons has them for sure. They have a touch screen computer (Japanese) just follow the prompts and answer the questions and it will print out a receipt. Take the receipt to the counter, pay, and the clerk will print the ticket.
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ticket stuff 2008/3/28 21:21

This gives ya a rundown and walks you through how to use the Lawson's machines if you can't read japanese
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