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Monbugakusho Scholarship 2008/3/28 08:43
Hi.I'm Dallin from america.I have been looking on the web about the monbugakusho scholarship.I am only twelve year old ,but this years went so fast for me that I recognized that graduation was only in five years.I really want to go to japan to become and architech ,and that scholarshi[ would help me o so ,so I have a few questions.What will I have to study for the mext examination ,as I said I want to be and architech so that would fall under the social science and humanities category.I also want to know if that would be a good idea.Would it be hard for me to get jobs ,and will I have a good education when I come to study over there?This is my last question.To get that scholarship do I have to already be in college.They keep on saying that it is for undergraduates or something like that.Doe s that mean I could go as soon as I get out of highschool?Thanks.Please please tell me ,because I really want to get a good education ,because you need that in this world.
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I took that test 2008/3/28 17:52
Yes, undergrad means you either have an upcoming future at a college or you are already in college.
You really are worrying about this at a young age!!
The test is diffucult. The thing you'll need the most is reading kanji and vocabulary. My Japanese friends were reading the test prep and even THEY said it was difficult.
After that is the interview and they ask you questions like "what's your favorite Japanese food?" and "Why do you want to go to Japan?". The interview is in English and Japanese.

For the record, I didn't get the scholarship.
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try the embassy 2008/3/28 18:50
The best thing to do would be to contact your nearest Japanese Embassy or consulate. They should be able to give you detailed information on the Monbusho scholarship.

An undergraduate would be someone studying towards a bachelor's degree, so I assume it means you would need to spend at least a year at university in your own country. I have friends here who originally came over on Monbusho scholarships, and I know they were at university in New Zealand before coming to Japan on the scholarships.

Since you are so young, why not look at coming over on a high school exchange first? If you do that you will speak very fluent Japanese at a young age, which will be a really good asset. I came to Japan age 20, but wish I had come on a high school exchange first.
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yea 2008/4/1 05:48
I am a great studen ,I really am not worried about the test.My mom says theres no need in worrying.I am very confident in myself that if I try my best I will suceed.So I thought that you did not need to know japanese to take the test.People said the real test is in english then they give you some language test to see if you can speak it well.They said it doesn't matter though cause if you can't they will just make you learn japanese for a few manths.I already know a little japanese because I have a tutor.I plan on being totally prepared for that tese ,because I am going to japan.My real question right now is if I have to go to college in america before I can get the scholarship ,or can I just get the scholarship?Thanx oh and sayonara .
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. 2008/4/2 02:19
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Study in Japan 2008/5/9 20:19
I am Iraqi and live in Iraq how can I learning Japanness language in without go to Japan
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Monbugakusho Scholarship 2008/5/12 02:19
Pre-college, look into Youth for Understanding (YFU). They have several different scholarships-for summer or a year in Japan with a host family. As a high school student, my daughter went to Japan for the summer, witha YFU scholarship.She stayed with a host family in Shikoku and attended a Japanese high school.
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