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japanese views... 2008/3/29 08:07
my boyfriend is japanese. recently I learned that I am pregnant and I have not told him yet. what are the japanese views of children born out of wedlock? and what are the views on mixed race children? particularly white/japanese.

my boyfriend is from tokyo, if that makes any difference.
by Anna  

... 2008/3/29 09:49
Children with parents never have been married are still very rare.

Children who were accidentally conceived before their parents marriage are extremely common. The parents typically get legally married before the child is born (it makes a difference on the child's permament record). We even have a word for this kind of marriage - dekichatta kekkon.

Children with single parents are extremely common. Typically the parents are divorced or one has died.

Mixed race children are very common too. There is about one child in every school class. White/Japanese children often become models.

Now, the views towards these children vary. I'm sure there will be both negative posts and positive posts to follow, and they're both correct. If you ask me, any child of any race has his/her own good fortunes and bad fortunes, and what seems like bad fortunes often turn out to be good years later. You never know.

BUT I think it can be difficult for a foreign woman to raise a child all alone in Japan, unless she is completely familiar with the language and culture.
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Hmmmmmm 2008/3/29 19:54
He may not want anything to do with his child and ask you to get an abortion. It's sad, but it happens. On the other hand, he may want to marry you. I've seen both cases happen. You will never know until you tell him.
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. 2009/4/27 10:52
how did everything turn out?
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