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brining camera and camcorder into japan 2008/3/30 10:23
from what i know june is rainy season and i'm worried how to be sure to be able to keep my cameras dry while walking around.

i will want to film some stuff while outside.

do anybody have any tips on how to do this?
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Depends 2008/3/30 11:19
Depends on the size of your camera, and how complicated you want to get.

I have made water proof containers out of both PVC pipes and parts and zip lock baggies. If you are in the US, using a PVC pipe case can cause issues with security freaking out, so I mostly use a stapler and a baggy.

Cut a corner of the bottom of the baggy so that it is a little smaller than your lens. Stretch it over the lens so it fits tight. Place the rest of the baggy on, roll the extra plastic and staple to make it easier to hold.

If you have a camera that is small and doesn't have a protruding lens, a condom will also work. Stretch it over the camera, tie a knot at the end, and wala! I'm not joking, it is cheap and easy.


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Plastic bag 2008/3/31 02:49
I usually use a plastic back in which I tear holes for the lens and viewfinder. Works very well.
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