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Exchange Student 2008/3/31 15:01
I was wondering, since I will be starting high school soon, is there anyway I can be an exchange student to Japan? I would like to go there and study the language!=] I would appreciate an answer!
by Ema  

Here... 2008/3/31 15:02
I highly recommend Intrax Study Abroad, Ema! :)
It's relatively expensive, but overall worth it, in my opinion, considering all of the expenses the cost covers. I will be doing it for a semester in 10th grade! :)
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Rotary International 2008/3/31 23:08
When I was in high school (80's), my father was a member of Rotary International. We hosted a number of students through them, from Mexico, Denmark, Brazil and Japan. My sister went to Mexico for her senior year. I recommend you contact your local Rotary Club and see if they still have the program.
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Where are you? 2008/3/31 23:17
There are many exchange programs around the world. Perhaps if you tell us where you are we can provide you with more detailed information.
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rotary 2008/4/4 14:16
i second the rotary mention. all of the high schoolers in my city are here through rotary.

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To Ema 2008/4/6 01:37
Rotary is great! I myself went to japan with rotary and it was very organized and everything.

AFS also have programs. Most AFS students hate Rotary...because rotary is by far better! :-)
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Thank you ^-^ 2008/4/7 15:20
Thank you, everyone! I will take your advice and check out these websites and programs. But who exactly would I have to talk to? Like school wise, here and in Japan?
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