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Software Quality Assurance Job in Japan 2008/3/31 22:58
I have been contacted by an agency for a Software Quality Assurance Job in Japan. There offer is between 200K-400K Yen per month. Is this good enough? I have more than 6yrs experience. How is the considerable salary for this job in Japan?
by SQA  

Other benefits? 2008/4/1 23:02
The salary sounds about right. Any other benefits such as housing, moving assistance, bonuses, etc? These make Japanese companies attractive.
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the higher number is good 2008/4/2 07:48
The higher end of that sounds good for that kind of job if you have 6 years of experience- my husband is involved in software testing and started his present job on about 400,000 per month, with 2 bonuses a year.

Unless accommodation etc. is provided/ paid for, 200,000 is low, and is not a comfortable salary to live on in a large Japanese city- I wouldn't accept that amount, but 350,000 up is reasonable.
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Software Quality Assurance Job in Japan 2008/4/2 18:26
Tnx for gving me an idea. wat if I bring my 2kids and wife wid me. assuming i get 400K/mo will it be enaf. can my wife look for a job in japan?
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bringing family 2008/4/2 19:06
A wife and 2 kids changes the picture a bit. 200,000 yen would be nowhere near enough, and 400,000 would be tight with a family. If your wife can find a job (what skills does she have? English ability?) then that will help a lot. If she is on a dependent visa she will be able to work part-time but not straight away.

A problem will be the children's education- your salary will most likely not be enough to send them to international schools, and ordinary Japanese schools would be very tough for kids who speak no Japanese.
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tough 2008/4/2 20:13
If that's without assistance for housing & schools, it will be impossible for an English only speaking family with two school age kids, even at 400,000/month. A typical International school will charge around 300,000yen/month for two kids. The home needs to be a reasonable size for 4 people.
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Software Quality Assurance Job in Japan 2008/4/2 20:52
i hving a clear view on how to dcide. tnx. one more concern is the tax. if i agree wid 400K/mo less tax how much will be my take home /mo. wud it be enaf to save or just to survive.?
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