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Seppuku and Harakiri 2008/4/1 12:16
I've read the story of SAIGO TAKAMORI ,The Last Samurai and learned that he'd requested to die with Seppuku. I know only Harakiri never heard about Seppuku before so I would like to know what is the different between SEPPUKU and HARAKIRI. Thanks
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... 2008/4/1 13:38
They are the same thing. Seppuku is a more formal term while Harakiri is considered more vulgar.
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... 2008/4/1 17:54
In 15 yrs I lived in Japan, I never ever EVER heard Japanese refer to it as 'Harakiri'. It's always 'Seppuku'.

When my British husband or friends say 'Harakiri', I always think they're talking about 'Haramaki' (thermal wrap for torso)!
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foreign 2008/4/1 18:34
Harakiri sounds foreign while seppuku is common. The Japanese don't say "harakiri", they say "hara o kiru" if not "seppuku".

Hmm, Saigo is the last samurai, eh? I thought he was just a model for the Ken Watanabe character :)
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