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is it good to study in Japan? 2008/4/1 13:02
I am a Filipino and Im 17. I saw a Japan Scholarship program printed on the newspaper and my parents told me to apply for it. I am now confused if going there is worth it and if I can bare living there with the Japanese. Somebody please give advice. I am also afraid that I might get bullied or what. But all in all, I will still try to apply and If I get accepted I will think hard about it.
by maki  

Depends on the person 2008/4/1 15:34
Everybody has a different experience of Japan, we can't tell you what yours will be like. Japanese people in general are friendly, and adults don't usually "bully" each other. If you think you will get very homesick or you are extremely shy, you might find it hard. If you do your best to enjoy the experience and make the most of it, then you will probably have a good time.
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Curious 2008/4/6 19:22
Did you go for it?
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Seems like a good opportunity... 2008/4/7 09:25
You should go for it. :] Where'd you get the idea that most Japanese people were bullies, anyways? People in Japan are like people from the Philippines; it doesn't matter what country a person is from.

Japanese people in general are nice and friendly. ^_^

Going to another country can broaden your horizons; you'll learn so many things and meet different people. It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. ;]
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