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Life and Wages in Japan 2008/4/2 04:28
I'm planning to live in Japan in near future. However I don't know what are the avarage wages and how much money I need to survive there. I hope to find a job in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka. I would like to work in any of the following: Teacher(preffered high school), Psychologist, Computer Graphic Designer, Translator or Interior Designer. (any other suggested that are paied good will be ok too)

I need to know the following:
1.How much money do I need to survive in one of the cities I mentioned before? (It's just me (girl))
2.What are the avarage wages?
3.How much money will I spend on things like electrycity, gas, water, telephone, etc. monthly?
4.How much money do I need for a start?
5.Is it better to learn Japanese before or can I learn when I get to Japan? (I know some basics)
6.How much will I spend on transport monthly?

Thank you anyone that will help !=D
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life in Japan 2008/4/2 16:52
Before worrying about the wages and the price of housing, utilities and transit you need first to find out if you are eligible for a working visa. You can't jump on a plane to Japan and look for a job there! this just isn't allowed!. In order to live and work in any country where the language is different from your mother tongue you must first learn the language, in your case Japanese.You must also learn about the culture before going there. Even if you get a working visa you can't expect to get a great job right away. It may take years,unless you have some unique talent and skills that local people don't have!
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jobs in Japan 2008/4/2 19:09
You would have a hard time getting a job as a translator if you don't learn any Japanese before you come here....

The jobs you mention will all require qualifications and several years work experience in your home country before you come here.
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Life and Wages in Japan 2008/4/2 20:44
you left outer space scientist, rocket engineer, astronaut. heart surgeon ,pizza delivery--get real
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Need a job? 2008/4/6 19:26
What are your quailifications? There are a lot of jobs for the right person.
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