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Japanese wedding 2008/4/2 10:37

After much discussion, my fiancee and I have begun to consider the idea of getting married in Japan this summer. We had previously looked into booking an actual ceremony but ended up giving up on that. What we plan to do now is to file the paperwork in Kyoto and then go to Miyajima where we will read our vows to each other. However, we are having a hard time finding out what exactly the procedures are for filing the paperwork. Is there a pdf of the form somewhere that we can fill out in advance? Where do we go to file it? Do we have to make an appointment, or do we just hand it in? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

by Brian  

... 2008/4/2 15:09
Is this the situation you are in, or is one of you Japanese?
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That's exactly it 2008/4/2 22:21
Thanks for the direction. That's great to know that it looks so painless too. Thanks again!
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