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Quilting for a fee in Okinawa? 2008/4/2 22:55
We have a girlfriend who is moving to Okinawa next month - Marine husband has orders. We are a group of ladies in the states who have formed a very close friendship. We are piecing a quilt for her but won't have time to have it quilted. We'd like for her to take it with her and get it quilted over there. Does anyone know where in Okinawa she could have this done and an approximate costs?
by Kim  

Okinawa 2008/4/3 14:42
Whilst I dont know any specifics, i'm sure at one of the craft stores/community centers on Camp Foster or Kadena AB will be able to assist her. I know quilting is becoming more popular in Japan, so it won't be impossible. I know at the consession mall a quilting supply stand opened recently.

If nothing else an advert in local newspapers will get her the answers.
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