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Bras for busty gals 2008/4/3 00:40

Please advise if there's any lingerie shops in Tokyo which sells bras for busty gals (Cup C - D). I am a 38D. Been to Japan last year but found it hard to get bras for my size. Thanks for any help.

by Amanda  

f-g-h 2008/4/3 11:20
most of the large chain stores in Tokyo (Aimer Feel, etc) will have a section of F-G-H, though if you're a c/d you're probably like me- I wear a 65E/sometimes F in Japanese sizes and a C/D in American depending on the cut of the bra. Usually the F and up bras are more matronly and not cute, though- I try to find Es that fit since that's the largest they make the usuall bras. But you should be able to find them- you can also always take the extra padding out of the Es to make them fit better.
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85D 2008/4/3 11:33
It is probably 85D in Japan. I think you can try langery shops in department stores like Tobu or Seibu etc.
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Sorry typo 2008/4/3 11:40
lingerie: underwear shops.
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Sizes 2008/4/3 12:01
Sorry Hanna but a western D is more like a G or H here.

You can find them but it will take some hunting. There are women in the shops that will help you find your Japanese size.
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I'm B 2008/4/4 00:29
in america and Japan. It doesn't change at least for me. I got measured in Japan and they said I'm a B-cup just like at home.

There's lingerie stores all over tokyo and they should have a D cup. You should get measured. Just ask one of the workers there. But a word of caution: she'll cup your breast with a gloved hand. If you don't like that then maybe you can measure yourself? She'll apologize before and after she does it though...
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Not sure... 2008/4/4 00:31
if I will like the idea of being touched...maybe I should measure myself.
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... 2008/4/4 08:08
The shop assistant would measure you over your blouse or anyway over your clothing, so I would not worry. Or if you measure yourself at home and give them the top and underbust sizes, they can suggest some sizes/designs to try.

I agree D is a D, but the build of the cup tends to be somewhat more generous with imported (non-Japanese) bras. So if I wear Wacoal's D75 in Japan, with US-imported one I might go for C75. Japanese ones tend to have... what do you call this, the underbust wires? on some designs tend to be somewhat tight on the sides, while imported ones tend to have less sharp curve.

Department stores would have full range of sizes - you might try a few places :)
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