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TV in tokyo 2008/4/3 19:39
I just bought a TV and most of my friends said they didn't sign up for anything, they just plugged the cable in the wall and had basic TV channels. But I will get channels that play okay for like an hour than they chip out and dont play at all for a few days. Is this something wrong or is it some kind of trial thing by the TV networks that I have to sign up view them properly. And if so does anyone know how to go about doing that?
by K  

TV reception 2008/4/4 10:20

It all depends on where that socket in the wall leads to...
If it leads to an aerial on the roof - shared or otherwise - there shouldn't be any problem receiving the basic set of terrestrial channels.
If the TV signal is supplied by a cable service, then you will probably have to contact them and pay a small monthly fee to watch even the basic channels.
There is also the possibility that your TV set is simply defective.
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