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Postal address 2008/4/4 16:57
How do i send parcels to this address:
Ms Wong
East, x-xx-x, Kakinokizaka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

I need a post code dont i?
by Kus  

... 2008/4/4 18:18
You don't *have to have* the postal code, but the postal code for Kakinokizaka is 152-0022. So if you are sending the parcel from outside Japan, just add 152-0022 Japan at the end of the address you have.
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amazing 2008/4/4 22:46
It's amazing how few people in Japan use postal codes. Many don't even seem to know that they exist!
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postal code 2008/4/5 00:08
I have an mailing address more than 20years ago.
I have lost touch with an auntie staying in Japan. Last known address was xxxx Kuden Cho Sakae-Ku Yokohama 247.

I like to know is there any change in the postal code?

Is there any website which allows me to search on name?
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... 2008/4/5 11:54
Postal codes in Japan have gone from 3-digit to 7-digit by now. For the address you have, now the code is 247-0014.
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