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Flowers for New Business Opening 2008/4/4 20:53
She is opening a hair salon, and I am a long time customer. Today I will be going to her new store for the first time and I wanted to bring some flowers to wish her success in her new location. will that be ok, what kind of flowers should I bring or avoid bringing?
by victoria liska  

... 2008/4/7 15:46
It's such a pity that this message was uploaded 3 days after it was written, but I hope it all went well. I don't think there are any dos or don'ts on flowers for hair salon openings. Everything goes, as far as fashion is concerned.
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Florist 2008/4/7 17:05
While it's probably too late for Victoria, it is worth mentioning for the record that the best person to ask is a florist. Any decent florist should be happy to suggest what is appropriate for particular occasions within a given price range.
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pink tulips 2008/4/7 22:41
as it is in the USA, the girl at the florist didn't know either....I wanted a jade plant, but settled on a bunch of pink tulips....she seemed to like them, she had some orange/yellow tulips already....
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... 2008/4/7 23:18
as it is in the USA, the girl at the florist didn't know either...

What does this have to do with the US? A proper florist will at least be able to recommend something. Of course don't expect the part time worker at the grocery store flower stall to have that kind of knowledge though.
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special flowers 2008/4/8 14:00
I've noticed that when a new business opens, for the first few weeks there are huge floral arrangements everywhere, I suspect they are gifts of luck and congratulations. They generally all seem to be similar in design so im thinking there is some special arrangement to ask a florist about, but you may have to find the florist that deals with this type of arrangements....
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Just for your information 2008/4/8 15:37

I suppose you are talking about those huge artificial ones standing on poles (just like the ones they have at funerals, but in happier colors).

Those flowers are arranged by the organizers of the ceremony, be it the funeral or the opening of a studio. You can contact the organizer, in this case it was the studio owner, and ask if there is number to call so that you can add another flower pole on your expense. You cannot just go into a random flower shop and expect them to know the details.

However, those flower poles are usually arranged only by large organizations or traditional people. I wouldn't normally expect a lone stylish owner to put up poles on her new little studio.
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By the way 2008/4/8 15:46
For a shop opening, or an office relocation to a new building, or a company getting listed on the stock exchange, often pots of *gulp* Phalaenopsis orchid are sent by their business acquaintances or peers or business partners :) The reason I say *gulp* is because those gorgeous flowers are really expensive!!

... I had thought earlier briefly of mentioning this, but for one thing those flowers are seriously expensive, and for another orchids are difficult take care of (so the stylist might find it a nuisance in reality, though those flowers are awesome to look at), I dropped the idea. But since a business congratulatory custom has been mentioned above, I thought I might drop a post just as a side note :)
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