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Income Tax 2008/4/6 02:28
Does anyone know the answer to questions about income tax for DOD employees living in Japan for 3 years? I heard there are special laws, and that we might not have to pay US income tax...does anyone know how I can find out the answer to this?
by momof3  

DOD 2008/4/7 10:19
Could you explain what DOD is? I have a business in Japan, and I don't have to pay US taxes. I pay Japanese tax. I am a US citizen. Are you asking about State taxes or Federal?
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... 2008/4/7 10:36
If by DOD you mean Department of Defense, I believe that your salary is considered US income and not exempt from federal taxes.
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. 2008/4/7 19:53
DoD employees are considered US residents even if they're living overseas. Therefore, you're not exempt from paying US federal income taxes.

Some states exempt service members from paying state income taxes if they're stationed out of the state/country but I don't know if that applies to DoD civilians. I'm sure your state has their tax regulation available online.
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