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Can Japanese TV set work in UK? 2008/4/6 05:18
Dear all

I'm just wondering whether anyone can advice me whether a TV set bought in Japan could work in UK.

I'm going to Japan in May and would really like to bring back a sony 16" TV (BRAVIA KDL-16M1)that is not avialable here. But I'm just wondering whether it would work here in UK?

Many thanks for anyone's help :)
by GingerBreadLady  

no 2008/4/7 12:11
the TV system used in Japan is NTSC, but in UK, it is PAL. I'm not sure of the model, but there is a small possibility that it is Multisystem, but only if it's bought in a duty free store.

You must also check if it works for supply voltages of 100-240V AC, because they only use 100V AC in Japan, while the UK uses 240V AC.
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Also for Australia? 2008/4/7 17:02
I have the same question. I have a SONY HDTV Bravia (can't remember model #) and was wondering if it would work in Australia? Australia is PAL but already transmitting digital signals for most of the channels. If I have a digital set-top box, and connect it to the Sony TV I bought in Japan, would it work? In other words, the TV just becomes a monitor. Yes I assume I would have to get some sort of power converter to reduce the voltage, but was wondering if I'd get a picture or not. If there is a website where you can check this I'd appreciate any help/advice.
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Maybe 2008/4/8 10:25
With the Australian HDTV set top box, it may or may not work. The resolutions are the same, but it also has to do with framerate.

For example, the HDTV framerates for Japanese NTSC are around 30p, 60p and 60i.

For PAL they are 25p, 50p, 50i. If I recall correctly, the Australian HDTV is 25p or 50i.
If the Japanese HDTV doesn't support these modes, it may not work.
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using a japanese tv in Aus 2008/9/7 21:48

I've been looking into getting a HDTV here in Japan too, and in my reasearch I have found the main hurdle will be the difference between PAL and NTSC frame rates. A special converter may be required, in which case I found this link:


So if all else fail looks like you can just buy one of these converters and bobs ya uncle.
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and... 2008/9/8 00:59
apart from the NTSC to Pal-converter, you will obviously need a stepdown-converter for the powersuply.
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TV 2008/9/8 13:17
nowadays a 16" TV is so small! my LCD computer monitor is bigger!. I got a 26" Panasonic LCD TV and only because I didn't wanted to get rid of the TV cabinet and buy another (I only paid $ 700 for the TV)
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