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Where can I buy Kyoto highshcooluniform? 2008/4/7 10:00
I'm looking to buy a School Uniform for Kyoto!
Next year I wil be in High School, and I need to buy a Uniform before I go to Japan High School.

I was in Japan last month
looking,but no luck =[[

I need to buy this year..
by sayukay  

... 2008/4/7 10:43
Which High School will you go to and when will you go? The uniforms vary in style by school. Also, the new school year just started and new students order their uniforms from specific companies and stores that vary from school to school.

Will you be an exchange student? In that case the school may provide you with a uniform.
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Uniform 2008/4/7 10:46

You need to contact the school. They will tell you where to buy the uniform and whether it is even essential for an exchange student.
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... 2008/4/7 15:56

School uniforms are measured and sold at most major department stores, and as mentioned are only available to the students of that school, so you need instructions from your school.

Off topic, it is very rude to say "探してんだよ" to people who are trying to do favors for you. You should write "探しています". I'm sorry, I couldn't help telling this to you. It's just that I've been noticing more and more foreign teengagers annoying the public these days, and less people trying to talk to them, thinking that they're foreign or teenage or what not and not worth talking to.

Hope that you have a great time in Japan, and that you improve your Japanese while you're here!
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Okay, hahah XD 2008/4/9 08:52
Thank you Uco.
I know Japanese, but I use it with my friend all the time,
I guess do not realizes it's so rude anymore..
I was trying to seem more playful haha
I could have put ''Shiteru'', instead of ''Shitendayo'' I gues..
I didn't think @_@

And I'm not a foreing Exchange, I'm just going back for one year to see my child hood friend in Ujishi :D

I go to
My friend say to just go in
normal clothe, but.. I want to wear uniform like everyone else, HAHA
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... 2008/4/9 08:59
I believe that the uniforms are only sold in the few months leading up to a new school year. In this case you have already missed the window of opportunity. Also, I don't think that you are allowed to purchase a school uniform for a school that you will not be attending.

Regular clothes seems to be the best choice, or you could ask your friend if they knew of a uniform you could borrow for the day.
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any time 2008/4/9 10:05
School uniforms are definitely sold all year round, because children grow out of their old ones all the time! But it takes several weeks to be tailored.

Sayukay, have you thought about getting a used one through the school or friends, since it's so expensive for such a short stay? What does your mother say?
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Oh, wait 2008/4/9 10:08
You are attending school, aren't you? If not, it would be wrong in the first place to try to wear false identity. And there are plenty of ordinary clothes that look like Japanese school uniforms.
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... 2008/4/9 10:26
School uniforms are definitely sold all year round, because children grow out of their old ones all the time! But it takes several weeks to be tailored.

That's a good point. Would have to be special ordered outside of the regular selling period?

you will be going for a year but you are not a student? how does this work? You just want to wear the same uniform while hanging out with your friends then?
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I see... 2008/4/10 05:33
I am only going for one year for my friends, and because my dad thinks I did better school there (i moved when I was young ;_; )
My mom doesn't know (She's American. Japan Dad.)

But I maybe there longer, if my dad says he have more money at his new job state.
Because I love my school friends, and Japan school xD
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Hope you have fun in Japan! 2008/4/11 10:18

So you are saying that you are not an "exchange" student, but your dad is planning to let you go to school in Japan, am I right?

If so, I'm sure your dad is currently looking for a school that can accept you. Then you can discuss with that school about how you're going to obtain your uniform.

While your dad is at it, you can talk to him and see if he can accept requests like, "I want to go to a school that has a uniform and a cool one."

Good luck and don't worry about it.
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