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How can I make my eyes look Japanese? 2008/4/7 20:41
How can I make my eyes look Japanese without going to the expense & trouble of plastic surgery. I want to look like a cute little Japanese girl more than anything in the whole, wide world?
by Kathie Hawkins  

... 2008/4/7 23:14
hmmm, what exactly do you mean more Japanese? What do your eyes look like now, ethnicity, etc.? ironically, many Japanese women have surgery to try and make their eyes look more western.
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please be specific 2008/4/7 23:21

It might help if you can post a link to a photograph of the eyes of your dreams or just name a celebrity you'd want to be like (hopefully a real person and not an animated character). Every person has his/her own version of "Japanese".
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Well, just plain old average 2008/4/7 23:58
I'm white Anerican. & I wish for makeup tipw to give my eyes a average, ordinary, standard Japanese appearance.
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I wanna look like...... 2008/4/8 00:28
Ya know, like Yasue Sato who played in that movie BOUNCE KOGALS. Or like Aki Maeda who played the part of the drum banger in the movie LINDA, LINDA, LINDA.
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i'd like tips too 2008/4/8 00:42
I'm half Japanese... so my eyes are kinda shaped like angela aki's eyes. I have the double lid and a slight almond shape. I know the rest of my facial features probably scream 白人 (like my nose) but at least I might be able to do something with my eyes? Normally I do black eye liner on my upper lid only.
any tips?
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. 2008/4/8 03:04
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... 2008/4/8 11:53
Kathie's question seems to be slightly different from Miyuki's. Kathie wants to look like something she is not, and Miyuki wants to enhance the beauty of her Angela Aki eyes, am I right (or not)?

Kathie, you need to tell us what your eyes look like now. For example, if they have a lot of shade around it, you can apply light color or even whitish eye shadows or powder around your eyes, so that there will be less shade. Either way, I suppose you can try putting white stuff and dark stuff here and there until you reach the right point.

Miyuki, I happen to have a big Angela Aki photo in front of me (I'm not a fan, it's just that she happened to be on the cover of a magazine). I notice that she always wears mascara in a charming way, which is mainly upwards on the upper lid. And whether it is by nature or by make-up, she has slight red-brownish shadows around her eyes which makes them very romantic and suits her curls in her hair as well as her bold eye-brows.

In any case, eye-liner and mascara usually "makes the eyes". And natural-colored shadows can enhance whatever tone you need to make (if you want to look cute, apply light colors on the center of your eye-lids, and if you want to look sexy, apply them on the sides, etc.).

The difference between Asian eyes and eyes of other races generally is the space between the eye and eye-brow. Asians are more flat at that part, or in other words, less shadow-y.
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Really? 2008/4/8 15:48
Are we all certain that this is a serious post? I have my suspicions. The wording of the post "more than anything in the whole, wide world" seems to suggest that it isn't serious.
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... 2008/4/8 15:57
Well if it wasn't serious initially it has seemed to have transformed into a valid thread.
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... 2008/4/8 16:20
That's true, yllwsmrf.

I would have said the main difference between East Asian and Caucasian eyes would be the "epicanthal fold", although I know not all East Asian people have this.
I don't know how you would create the illusion of that fold without surgery!
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