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Moving to Kadena 2008/4/8 09:54
I need some help. My husband and I are suppose to be moving together to Kadena on June 8th, 2008. He moved his date from September to because they asked him to come early. Now they are telling my husband because of concurrent travel being suspended that my daughter and I will have to wait back here state side until he gets a house and gets everything situated. However, my baby is only 11 weeks old and we are also bringing our dog. I would hate to have to travel on a 16 hour flight by myself with no help from my husband. He did them a favor by moving his date up which he didn't have to do. We wrote them an e-mail requesting I come with but it is taking so long for them to respond. Any advice?
by Lindsey  

This may help 2008/4/8 09:55
Apparently, there are some exceptions to the suspension: "All personnel departing from overseas locations will get automatic approval," he said. "Also, first duty-station personnel such as first-term Airmen out of technical school and second lieutenants will get approval."

If your husband fits into one of these categories, you may be able to travel with him. Check out this link and I would also check with your sponsor.

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website forum 2008/4/8 13:51
Whilst I cannot answer your specific question, you may find others who can at www.japanupdate.com in the forums area (this is in NO WAY an offical Q&A place though).

Or maybe try www.okinawahai.com

None of these are offical but they might link you with others in the same boat. If nothing else they are good places to get tips and info about moving/living in Okinawa.

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