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How to set a New TV? 2008/4/8 10:08
I just bought a Orion Tv (14inch) from Donkihote a few days ago.

But i cant seem to set the tv right.
i can watch the tv, but its extremely unclear(you guys should know what i mean).

I tried calling both Donkihote and the tv company. but both aint doing no help.

DOES anyone knows how to set this
Orion Tv ? i live in Tokyo.

Your help is extremely appreciated!

by dontknowhow  

TV reception 2008/4/8 11:29

Firstly, I presume you have connected the TV to an aerial? What kind of aerial/TV signal is it? Have you tuned the TV to the local TV stations? If you have perhaps tuned to the stations in Chiba, say, you won't get get good reception.
If you can be more specific, maybe someone here can help. And if you want after-sales service, don't buy at a pile'em high discount place like Donki in future. ;-)
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Thanks Dave! 2008/4/8 20:50
Hey Dave,

thank you!

but thats th thing
I have absolutely no idea how to tune the tv to local stations.

Also, how do i connect to Tv aerial? how do i know if i'm connected or not.

Yea, the reception is really bad.
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