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citizenship 2008/4/8 23:39
hi to all!!and thank's for theadvice in advance...i have 13 year old daughter w/my x japanse b.f but sad to say that my daughter is not a japanese.i want her to be japanse citizen..is that possible??how and what shall i do?pls.give me an advice...by the way we are living here in japan and have permanent visa....
by lovely  

difficult 2008/4/9 14:15
I think the issue is compilcated by several factors. First, you and the child's father were not married, also, he is no longer in a relationship with you. Did your boyfriend officially recognize your daughter? If not, would he be willing to do so?
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thanks 2008/4/9 23:27
thank's a lot..how if i get married to my recently bf now?and he adopt my daughter,is that possible to my dauther to get japanese citizen??thnx again...
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find your 2008/4/10 00:05
Even if you get married to a Japanese guy, and your daughter is adopted by him, your daughter cannot get the Japanese citizenship automatically.

If it is possible, a lot of homeless Japanese guy can sell the Japanese citizenship by adopting a non-Japanese people.

There are only two ways that your daughter can get the citizenship.

1. Get a married to the your daughter's real Japanese father, and he recognize her as his child.

2. Ask your your daughter's Japanese father to recognize her as his child, then your daughter applies for natuaralization as the child of Japanese.

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. 2008/4/10 00:21
Here's the link to the Nationality Law:


It looks like your daughter can become a Japanese citizen in several ways, including adoption by a Japanese national. She shouldn't have to be adopted, though, since her biological father is Japanese.

I would contact the city hall for guidance.
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... 2008/4/10 09:31
I agree with Po, contact the city hall for assitance.

- If the daughter's natural father officially recognizes her as his, she can claim Japanese nationality because one of her parents is Japanese.
- If you and your daughter are in Japan on "permanent resident" status, if you stay for some more time, both of you can go through the procedures of "naturalization."
- I believe that if she gets adopted by a Japanese, she should be able to claim Japanese citizenship.
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thanks 2008/4/10 18:59
thank's a lot for the advice and i hope that i can find real father of my daughter and he accept my daugther as his own....
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... 2008/4/11 16:10
Based on your last sentence in that you hope to find the real father of your daughter, I think the story is fully told.

Anyway, I presume your daughter was born in Japan illegitimately 13 years ago with a birth certificate. Did your x Japanese boyfriend's name appear on the father's column? If positive, then the relationship for three of you can be established. Once you marry this guy with a marriage certificate, the status of your daughter can be legalized and a Japanese citizenship can be in sight.
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