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Epi-Stick Facial Hair Removal 2008/4/9 02:45
Hey..I would like to know where can I buy epi-stick facial hair remover here in japan. I can't find it in Cosmetics shops or Health care shops.
by nnbrownie  

... 2008/4/9 15:43
amazon.co.jp seems to sell those... I guess "threading" hair removal may not be THAT well known in Japan...
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how to use the epi stick 2008/4/25 23:22
I just cant seem to remove the facial hair
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To andrea, 2008/4/26 13:18
According to one seller's website:

1. Hold the handles and bend the stick into a U-shape.
2. Bring the spring (the middle section) onto the area on your face where you want to remove hair.
3. Roll/turn the handles between your thumbs and the pointy fingers away from your face several times.
(A video clip at the top, and Instructions in Japanese if you scroll down this page.)

It seems to be a bit tricky initially....
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HE 2008/4/27 05:18
I just shave my facial hair off. But I'm a guy
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