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What about my hair? 2008/4/9 03:11
I'm planning on going to Japan for a few months, after I have a good grasp of the language but I don't have a clue about what I am going to do with my hair!
I am black/indian and my hair is about 1ft 6" long (when straight) and VERY curly, quite soft but it gets dry easily.
I know that they wont have any of the prouducts i need in Japan so what am i gonna do with my fro?
Help meeee!
by nimmy  

... 2008/4/9 10:20
What do you WANT to do? For starters, Japan has been welcoming thousands of Asian-Indian immigrants and they all seem to have hair on their heads.
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short time 2008/4/9 19:04
You're only coming for a few months? Can't you bring products with you for that time or have them sent over? There is also a hugely long thread on this site somewhere- I think in the Living section- about African hair in Japan- have a look for it.
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