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Second hand shops in Tokyo? 2008/4/9 11:17
Tokyo 23-ku
Please can anyone tel me where to find second hand shops for furniture and other small household items in Tokyo?
by Me  

Hardoff 2008/4/9 19:19
If you can find a HardOff store in the area they are a good source for second hand furniture. They are all over Japan.
by Harry rate this post as useful

second-hand shop in Tokyo 2008/5/18 20:10
-Where are the old laptop shops with low price in Tokyo? How much?
--Where are the MP4 shops with low price in Tokyo? How much?
by De San rate this post as useful

To de San 2008/5/19 08:13
Used laptop and other goods (such mp4 players, etc) can be widely found in Akihabara (Tokyo) and Den den town (Osaka). I canLt tell you about prices but they really vary depending on the computer or mp4 player youLre buying and the state; but I can tell ILve seen from laptops running on Pentium 2 processors to the latest Powerbook with only 1 or 2 weeks of use. If youLre from the US, prices may be cheaper in your country, as the dollar is quite weak at the moment, but if youLre from the Euro zone or the UK youLll find the prices amazingly cheap sometimes.
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Second hand furniture shop 2009/5/24 23:27
I know that one shop is near USA embassy. There a lot of furniture, matrass, sofa bed and etc.
by Marina (guest) rate this post as useful

Second hand furniture shop 2010/5/18 17:38
Yep, the furniture shop near the U.S embassy is called May's.
They have used and new furniture and other interior nick-nacks.
This is the URL
by Max (guest) rate this post as useful

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