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Bringing boyfriend to japan /work 2008/4/9 11:27
Im bringing my boyfriend to japan for around 3 months. He wants to be able to work, he is a united states citizen, while i have dual citizenship (japanese/Usa). what kind of visa would he need? He is only 18 so he doesnt have a degree of any sort.
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Visa questions 2008/4/9 13:23

He will be able to stay in Japan for 3 months on a Temporary Visitor (aka Tourist) visa, but he won't be allowed to work.
If you read back through the forum archives you will see numerous questions from Americans in similar situations. His options for working in Japan are minimal/zero.
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None 2008/4/9 16:52
The only work is might be able to find would be illegal. I would not recommend it.
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boyfriend 2008/4/10 02:26
and it has less to do with Japan than with his age and lack of education (too young, no degrees, likely no knowledge of the local language). He likely would have the same problem in other G8 countries.
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