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advice for the first high school class? 2008/4/9 13:11
Soon I`ll beging teaching classes in a Japanese high school and am a tad anxious about it. I`ve heard the kids are restless,noisy, not interested in English etc. I`d really appreciate any ideas on lessons, fun activities and especially what to do in The First Class. Can anyone out there help me? I`d really appreciate some advice!!
by ruth  

Bingo 2008/4/9 13:33
Do a true or false bingo about yourself.

Write 25 sentences about yourself and on the back of the paper they have to write a T or F in the box so write some lies too. Then the kids turn the sentences into questions and they ask you. It it's right, a O, wrong a X.

I play that BIngo can be X's or O's.

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high school teaching 2008/4/9 14:03
Here's a good resource for activities:
it's totally geared for japanese schools. There are other online ESL resources but this one saved me any number of times.
Your experience will vary depending on the level of high school you have - I taught at one above-average school that was known for 'active' students; it was fun but challenging. I also taught at a very low-level school - many of the students did e-mail on the their cell phones during class, read magazines, and slept. Or talked.
On the other hand a friend of mine taught at a really high-ranking school and his students were attentive and had a high level of English.
Be prepared for anything, just remember that you LIKE the students. You really do. And if you go in with that attitude, they know it and it'll go better.
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thanks!!! :) 2008/4/9 14:25
Wow great! Thanks so much for your prompt responses!! :)I just got told yesterday that I`ll be teaching at the high school (which doesn`t have a great reputation..) so I`m nervous! and want to really try and bring something fun into the classroom. I`ll be sure to try the bingo, that`s a great idea and thanks for the web-site link. Phew! I`m feeling better already...have a good day!
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