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VERY long coat in summer? Where? 2008/4/10 03:54
I'd love to buy a very long black (...or pure white) coat but they are either too expensive or of too bad quality in my country... I guess it'd be high-priced in Japan as well but at least I want to give it a try.

1) I'll be for a long time only near Nagoya and then in Tokyo.
2) In summer. =) From about 10th July to 16th September.
3) My height is 180 cm (male). I can't say I'm "well-built"... Rather slim. =)
4) I want the coat to be as long as possible. Ideally about max. 15 cm above ground.
5) What I want is something like this... Kind of.

This one, just in men's version: http://www.orienttouch.com/images/WFY-6005.jpg

Or Matrix ^^ http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b61/parkfan/02_Trinity_Mor...

Secondhand is OK. Maximum price is, let's say, 25000-30000 Yen (don't have to be leather by all means). Is it possible to buy something like this in Japan (Nagoya/Tokyo) in summer...and for this price?

Thank you!
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would you really want one? 2008/4/11 01:30
for the summer??? In Japan, it gets pretty hot and humid that I would never want to wear anything besides my own shirt (and even THAT is too much) even at night time.
Coats right now are switching to spring, but by May, those coats are no good til next year. And leather??? In summer?? you'll die of dehydration.

I'd say, go for Japan's sale rack and look for some winter coats that are on sale. There you'll find what you want.... but everything here now is all spring, spring, spring!!!

then again, you're looking for something like the matrix... I guess some places in Harajuku might work. Or you can ask the cosplay people on the Harajuku bridge where they bought their things.
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. 2008/4/11 02:03
I didn't mean FOR summer, just IN summer. ^^ That's why I am unsure whether there'd even be something for sale. Because I'll be travelling in Japan during that time, not that I want to actually wear it. ;)

I have thought about Harajuku/cosplayers already...they might know, indeed. But don't you know some exact place? I just don't want to rely only on information I'd get from them.

Thank you!
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I don't shop 2008/4/11 02:13
for Matrix looking items. I'm guessing something along the really crowded road (not Omotesando, but runs parallel to it)... i forgot the name. But I've seen some pretty crazy clothing shops there and that's where some of the goth looking items seem to be, which is where your coat may be.
If anyone can provide the name of the road... But when you reach JR Harajuku train station, use the exit that's before the Omotesando exit. Or, use the Omotesando exit and turn left and walk down the road until you see and small street with lots of shops and lots and lots of people. The street should be on your right side if you walk in that direction.
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Thanks!! 2008/4/11 02:27
Thank you! ^^ It's much easier to find something when one knows where to start the search. ^^
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The street 2008/4/11 05:04
It is Takeshita dori, right across the street when you leave the JR Harajuku station on the Yamanote line. see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeshita_Street
or just Google Takeshita dori. the entry on Wikipedia has photos..
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