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How do I get married without a visa? 2008/4/10 04:51
So I am engaged to my Japanese boyfriend (tee hee now fiancee) and I'm wondering if anybody out there knows how I could proceed to get married without a visa? Could I just go under a traveler's visa, get married after that lovely ordeal at the embassy, and then change my visa status to married? I know it's quite a bit more difficult than that, but I really can't find anything that tells me whether or not I can move to Japan (living under my fiancee's roof, of course) to get married without actually being married in the first place. I know there isn't anything called a "Fiancee Visa" but is there anything that could possibly equate to that? Any information would be much appreciated ^_^
by gaijin princess  

tourist visa 2008/4/10 13:16
If you come from one of the countries with a visa waiver you will be given a 90 day tourist visa. You then have that 90 days to get married and apply for the spouse visa. Otherwise you could apply for a working visa if you qualify and can find an employer, but that doesn't seem worthwhile if you plan on getting married soon.

There is loads of info about this topic on this site and others- have a look at the "Being A Broad in Japan" website as they have plenty of information for women coming to Japan, including visa info.
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Congratulations 2008/4/11 09:47
Well lucky you,

1, You are getting married.
2, There is a special VISA just for you.
It's called surprise surprise, a fiancee VISA.

So, get on the phone right away. I think that it's only for six months but it should make it easier to get a Spousal VISA after that.
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Fiancee Visa? 2008/4/11 09:51
Jupiter Rising wrote:

There is a special VISA just for you.
It's called surprise surprise, a fiancee VISA.

Ermmm... maybe you can give us the URL to the Japanese Immigration page where this mysterious Fiancee Visa is mentioned?
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My Bad 2008/4/11 10:00
I am sorry.

I assumed that since America has one, Japan has one too. I am Wrong.

And for Dave, here is a URL of someone else efforts to get a K-1 Visa.


Assume = Ass (out of) u (and) ME
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Thanks!!! 2008/4/12 10:05
Thanks for the help ^_^ I know I was just considering moving to Japan and just getting married under a tourist visa, then applying for a change of status, but as I don't know the system as well as I should, this certainly has helped. ^_^ Any other information is still appreciated, though!!!

Thank you!!
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Same boat 2008/4/14 04:31
Hey congratulations on your getting married^^ Seems we are in the same boat. I have been looking into how to go about marrying my guy also, hopefully by the the end of this year if everything goes accordingly. I figure I'll just go over on a tourist visa and take care of business. From what I hear it is a lot to get done. Loads of paperwork etc but, I have also heard of people in the same situation going over to be with their significant others and getting the whole process done before the deadline on the tourist visa; so I believe its not impossible. Its just a matter of having everything in order when you arrive so that you can get the ball rolling right away. Good luck with everything.
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