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When to use "-san" 2008/4/11 03:05
For the last four years I have provided technical advice to a department of the Japanese Government. Prior to the beginning of this year, they always addressed me as "Dr X" or "Mr X.Y" and I always addressed them as "Mr/Ms X". Now they have started to address me as "X-san"; Should I reciprocate?
by Cris Whetton  

San 2008/4/11 09:37

I suggest using English titles when speaking English, and Japanese honorifics when speaking Japanese. Mixing them sounds silly and is considered patronizing by many people.
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When to use ... 2008/4/11 11:29
Are you conversing with Japanese people? IF so, you should be using 'san' all the time. I find it patronising to call Gaijin 'san' though.
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ask interpreter 2008/4/11 17:28
Actually, a lot of government officials are supposed to be called "-sensei" or with other titles like "-kachou" etc. Dr. Whetton, if there is a reliable interpreter who deals with both you and the officials, you should ask that person. Otherwise, stick with the "Mr." which would be safest.
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